Vanilla and maple iced coffee

Brisbane is certainly turning on the heat this week. I’m writing this currently perched directly underneath the aircon which is reflecting nicely off the tiles, iced coffee in hand. As comforting as it is to slowly sip a warm latte, I feel the only way to be caffeinated at the moment is to chill it […]


Another year young

I’m 27 years young this year. Birthdays as an adult have always been a little hit and miss for me. I put it down to being utterly spoilt each year when I was younger, somewhat setting a standard the grown up world could never quite meet. My parents always did an incredible job in making […]


Refined sugar free Weetbix Slice

Cooking with kids is a very textual thing. They are very content to help if there is baking soda to fizz up, crumble topping to squish, things to stir or things to crush up – like Weetbix. We all know how important that crunch is. Baking Weetbix slice with my mum was one of my […]


Cheesy pizza popcorn

Think back to a time where kids were trusted to be home for a few hours by themselves. It wasn’t frowned upon catching the bus home from school, walking 100 metres up the road and letting ourselves into the house with a key of our own like it is today. I’m not sure if kids […]


Pumpkin and fresh ricotta toast

I’ve had this post on my radar ever since I (figuratively) chained myself to a café chair writing a list of 100 blog post ideas last October. After Eat Drink Blog in Canberra I had a very honest conversation with myself about what I loved about blogging and what I could realistically commit to in […]


Pass the chips please

Do you know anyone that doesn’t like hot chips? If you do, I’d love to meet them. Chips are certainly my kryptonite. Get me on the most nutritionally focused day and pass me a hot chip and I’ll be sure to buckle at the knees. They are one of those comforting, social and satisfying snacks […]


New year, more cheese

As 2015 approached, I sat sipping wine at a friend’s New Years party discussing goals for the year ahead. The sentiments around the cheese platter covered everything from taking more photos, buying more hats, travelling to more places and taking more chances. It’s humbling to reflect on all of our goals being forward focused and […]


Pina colada chia pudding

Ten years ago, chia seeds were something you needed to seek out from obscure speciality health food stores, not found in the bargain bin at the local discount pharmacy. Close to where I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, a clever lady called Tania Hubbard opened a little cafe called Husk and Honey. It was […]


Addiction free lollies

The year I started my first real job after university coincided with the beginning of my sugar addiction. The transition from late nights to the eight to five grind threw me sideways. Work day staples included tall skinny mochas suited to the unrefined 21 year old palate and lollies. Lots of them. Come 3:30pm I […]


Crunchy or smooth – why not have both?

I think a true test of good character is whether or not you like peanut butter. That is of course exempting those who are allergic, which is just damn unfortunate in my books. The crunchy or smooth debate has divided many (hey, it’s probably even broken up some relationships), but in the case of this […]

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