I’m a typography obsessed, homewares addicted 20 something Brisbane food blogger with a background in journalism and corporate communications.

I love to bake – not just ridiculous sugar injected masterpieces but also healthy treats that help me stay on track. And continue to fit into my favourite skinny jeans. Nobody likes a sulky baker.

The love of food is in my blood – I’m surrounded by amazing foodies in my grandmother, my sisters and my beautiful mum.

I believe there is nothing more special than sharing food with those you love and are intrigued by family recipes and the stories and memories they hold.

When my sister was getting married a few years ago, my mum collected tips and recipes from my older family members to create a book for her. It was a sort of a how-to for a happy marriage, not that they needed it!

My great grandmother’s recipe for coconut rough biscuits was included, along with the story that she used to make them for her fiancé before they were married. I love the idea that food could bring two people together, even more so that it could contribute to fuelling the love they have for each other.

The idea for this blog has blossomed from this beautiful story, and I plan to work through my grandmother’s, great grandmother’s and great great grandmother’s treasured dusty notebooks learning and living their culinary history, while bringing those recipes into the everyday with some sneaky healthy alterations.

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  1. Tegan
    October 10, 2014 at 1:16 am (3 years ago)

    Hi Nadine,

    I hope you are well. wanted to get in touch to invite you (and a friend) to a pre-show cooking class at the Good Food and Wine Show with Sammy and Bella from My Kitchen Rules. I read a post a while ago where you talked up giving up bread but still craving the crunch for breakfast. The breakfast you will be learning to make at the class is definitely something that will satisfy any breakfast craving!

    The class will be on Saturday the 18th of October and you will be learning to Seadas from scratch – a cheese filled breakfast pastry typical of Sardinia in Italy. You are also then welcome to stay on at the show following the class and enjoy the rest of the Good Food and Wine Show.

    Look forward to hearing if you can join us. I can email you an invitation with all the details.

    Thanks, Tegan


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