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The year I started my first real job after university coincided with the beginning of my sugar addiction. The transition from late nights to the eight to five grind threw me sideways. Work day staples included tall skinny mochas suited to the unrefined 21 year old palate and lollies. Lots of them. Come 3:30pm I didn’t just want jelly snakes to nibble on because I felt peckish, rather I feared if I didn’t I would fall asleep into my keyboard.

On a bad day, I was eating an entire packet after lunch. I’d hide them in my top draw and reach for them every time my eyelids started getting heavy. Before I knew it I was desperately rustling amongst the pens trying to find a stray snake that may have escaped.

No one ever tells you how hard the transition into the working world is. The adjustment period is brutal and I always seem come back to square one, relying on sugar, every time I start a new job or go through a dramatic change.

We didn’t eat a lot of lollies as kids apart from at birthday parties and on long car journeys. Car lollies were always an institution in our family and I still believe my parents smuggle a packet or two, even for a sneaky trip into the city. Staples were always Minties, Fantails, Cool Mints or peanut M&Ms, intended to keep little mouths full and hands occupied with making Mintie chain necklaces. Clearly our parents didn’t think through the terror of three small children stuck in the back of a car coming off a sugar high.

As much as I still love a good lolly, I still don’t enjoy that sugar let down.

I do love gelatin and kombucha and the difference it makes to my hair, skin, nails and tummy.

You can read more about my obsession with the stuff here.

When making these, I went through endless batches trying to find the right consistency and flavour. There really are so many possibilities – I’ve played around with cold pressed apple juice, lemon and honey, pureed strawberries and coconut milk (as seen in the pics) and this last batch, using my favourite kombucha.

The best part is binging is almost encouraged on these lollies – eat the whole batch and you’ve just had your daily supplements.

To make them, the golden ratio is 1/3 cup liquid to 2 tablespoons grassfed gelatin.

  1. In a small pot, combine your liquid and gelatine by gently sprinkling it over while it is cold
  2. Heat slowly and gently until all the gelatin has dissolved
  3. Allow to cool slightly and scoop off any impurities which may have floated to the top. This will ensure your lollies are clear
  4. Pour into moulds then place in the fridge to set
  5. These keep well for a week in the fridge, or can be packed and left for a day at room temperate (for school lunches etc).

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