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I Quit Sugar

In ‘the plan’, they say in week three you may start to experience detox – symptoms your body is starting to withdraw from the poison. Brace yourself for nausea, dizziness and aching joints, they said.

Boy, my body must be pretty efficient because I hit this horrible, aching, feral wall a week early.

The sooner it starts, the sooner it’s over right? Until then, I’m going to eat my weight in Greek yogurt and coconutty granola while my colleagues gorge themselves on chocolate slice and cupcakes for the next two weeks.

Currently, my workplace is holding the ultimate bake off. We are moving offices soon and one of my co workers has instigated a quest for everyone to host a morning tea until we do.

Could I have picked a better time to Quit Sugar?

Today was chocolate cake Wednesday, yesterday was Banoffee Pie Tuesday and Monday played host to apple slice. You know that amazing apple slice, with the sour cream topping and generous sprinkle of cinnamon? I remember the first time my mum made this recipe for sunny afternoon picnic with family friends about 15 years ago. Everyone was so impressed with the flavour that they would never guess how simple it is. One of those recipes with minimal effort, ultimate reward and no one needs to be any wiser that you can whip it up in no time at all. Winning.

As an ultimate sweet tooth, I am so proud of my self control in the tea room. Secretly they’re all super jealous of my morning green tea, I’m sure!

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