I can see the irony in this purpose of this blog and what I’m about to write, but I promise it will all make sense.

I come from an amazing family of cooks and bakers and storytellers. I go gooey over my grandfather’s tales of food in the great depression, and when I hear my dad relive stories of his mother and aunts baking perfect sponges for tennis every Saturday I seem to think I’ve been born in the wrong era.

I wanted to document and treasure these stories, recreate their recipes and preserve these memories one coconut macaroon at a time – and I will.

But first, I’m quitting sugar.

You see when my great – grandmother was whipping up her prized ginger scones it wasn’t because she was hungry, it was because she had guests coming around for afternoon tea and those guests needed to be impressed! And impressed they were, not because they had just polished off a packet of rolos on the way over and were looking for their next fix, but because they were special.

Sweets, are special.

I’m an addict. I have blueberries and raw honey on my morning oats, reach for dark chocolate to get me through my 3pm afternoon slump and search for something to curb my sugar cravings after dinner. I’ll kid myself and say it’s all pretty healthy, but when it comes down to it, the moment that packet of Tim Tams are open it’s game on. I just don’t have an off switch.

So I’m reprograming my body and jumping on the anti – sugar wagon for eight weeks following Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Program. Sugar is poisoning our bodies and inhibiting our abilities to have that off switch, it just isn’t healthy.

I’m two days in and I think the first week will be easy – I just need to cut down on the sugar I add into my diet which to be honest isn’t a lot. Then it’s game on from there on in!

I’m going to be road testing some (hopefully) delicious recipes to get me through and tracking my progress as I ride the rollercoaster of sugar deprivation.

Only then will I be baking the chocolate crackles, because when I say I’ll just have one I know I will mean it.

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