IMG_1460IMG_1450I consider myself a rolled oats connoisseur.

Yes, they can appear to be a little stodgy and reminiscent of the clag glue you plaster paper mache with in preschool, but that little bowl of super food goodness is filling winter bellies everywhere, with good reason.

I took a little trip up to my parents this weekend, a one and a half hour trip north. It’s close enough to duck up for the weekend but just far up enough into the hinterland to feel like you’ve really gotten away from the craziness of the city.

I woke up on Saturday morning to the rain and an unusual sleep in and began my rummage through the fridge and pantry to determine what amazing treasures I had to play with for breakfast. My dad has a pretty incredible vegetable garden, purpose built with high railings so the chooks don’t help themselves to ripe tomatoes and herbs. They are also perfect for a flourishing passionfruit vine, which in turn, has meant divine jars of homemade passionfruit curd tucked away in the fridge along with some of the first strawberries of the season.

Good morning breakfast.

Rolled oats have sentimental value in my parent’s household, for different reasons. One mention of oats to my mum brings out shudders, stories of glue – like consistencies and traumatising childhood memories of eating them stone cold when she refused to eat her breakfast. Let’s just say she’s not a fan.

My dad on the other hand has found memories of his Pa’s porridge, topped with lashings of milk, fresh butter and a generous topping of brown sugar. Such a warm, country Australia way of starting the day, albeit not exactly healthy. When I was little, this was how dad made our oats – with a generous splash of milk and a butter ‘float’. Delicious, but still not delicious enough to tempt my mum to giving them another go, some 40 years later.

As I’ve gotten older, I seem to have left this simpler version in the past, making mine with almond milk, chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon most mornings and topping with my usual blueberries and toasted coconut.

I’m not alone. Frequent the Instagram world and you will find oats hashtagged to an inch of their super food life with #chia #cleaneating and #overnight living next to this humble winter warmer.

It seems they now largely fail exist outside the farmhouse without lashings of #beepollen #gojiberries and #pb2 , a trend I seem to have whole heartedly jumped head first into.

I challenge you to put down your cream and sugar and reach for a bowl of divine, yuppy goodness.

I’m claiming I haven’t quite abandoned my family roots by enjoying this in my parents wedding anniversary china.

Whatever you need to tell yourself, really.

Strawberry Passionfruit Oats

Cook 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats in 1 cup water with 1 tsp vanilla. Stir in 1tbsp chia seeds, let stand for 2 mins then top with strawberries, plain yogurt, passionfruit curd and coconut.




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