IMG_1731I’m a typical morning person. I rise before 5am, head to the gym before it gets super congested with girls with unnecessary makeup and guys with bigger egos than weights, then come home to enjoy a relaxed breakfast with a generous side of morning rituals.

You know the ones. Those small tasks that make you a hell of a lot more balanced and ready for the day but seem to remain a little taboo amongst those beyond your close circle.

I liken myself to that friend of yours who has started seven university degrees and not finished them, took salsa lessons for three weeks, piano lessons for two and had a brief stint learning how to life draw at the little dodgy studio in the city.

For the past two years I’ve been a morning ritual flusie.  I start something with every intention of incorporating it long term into my sacred routine then end up ditching it when something else comes along. I’ve done everything from morning meditation to molasses to oil pulling (just Google it) and have finally found something I can commit to.

I’m a huge advocate for fermented foods and the benefits they reap for gut health. Doesn’t sound very attractive right? Our stomaches are such troopers, processing everything from our green smoothies to bingey nights out consuming a whole bottle of wine, chased with that whole pizza so it’s not surprising that if your nutrition centre is out of balance everything else will run short.

Probiotics are your friend. Seriously. You know that terrible yogurt ad with the tagline ‘it’s hard to hide when you are happy inside’? Yep, she has a point – a healthy inside speaks volumes on the outside. I’ve managed to clear a very unfortunate stint of debilitating adult acne with fermented foods and can’t recommend them enough.

I’ve been a bit of a kombucha junkie for the past few months but at a recent food festival I made friends with a guy selling kefir water grains and have starting to ferment them at home. I’ve managed to perfect my method and am very excited to finally have a decent cultivation going. Coffee kefir water is now a long standing part of my morning ritual, because to be honest after my apple cider vinegar, hot water and lemon, molasses, iron supplement and oats, the thought of having a cup of coffee AND kefir are just many rituals for one person to consume before 7am.

If you are in the Brisbane area and would like to start fermenting your own kefir please let me know and you are welcome to some kefir water grains. They are multiplying by the day and I think my housemate would like the fridge back!

Coffee kefir water
¾ cup kefir grains
6 cups filtered or tank water (they don’t like chlorine)
½ cup raw sugar
1 tsp blackstrap molasses
¼ tsp bicarb soda
½ cup strong espresso

1. In a large glass container combine the water, sugar, molasses and bicarb soda and mix until sugar is dissolved
2. Add the kefir grains and cover with a cheesecloth, tying it to the container with string or a rubber band. The grains will need to ‘breathe’ but the material will keep dust, bugs and other nasties out
3. Leave in a cool dark place for 48 hours then strain the kefir water into mason jars using the cheesecloth or a plastic strainer. Please note the grains do not like metal so ensure you use a plastic spoon, funnel, strainer etc and you must not fill the jars more than ¾ full otherwise they might explode in the second ferment
4. Divide espresso amongst jars and place lids on tightly and leave on your bench
5. After 24 hours release the lids and replace leaving for another 24 hours. You will notice the water is now fizzy from all the carbon dioxide build up from the grains ‘eating’ all the sugar
6. Place jars in the fridge until cold and consume 200mls daily
7. Repeat process or store grains in a 1 to 9 sugar solution in the fridge, changing water every seven days


2 Comments on Morning rituals

  1. ndrwdw
    August 30, 2014 at 10:07 am (3 years ago)

    Giving the espresso a go. Recently I’ve been making a lot of lime/lemonade and passionfruit kefir, got plenty of produce from backyard trees.

    I’m new to kefir… how often do your grains double in size/volume at the moment? Wondering if the brisbane winter just slows the process down

    more kefir recipes would be great.. although it seems you can just throw in whatever fruit or flavouring you happen to have nearby!

    • Nadine Long
      September 9, 2014 at 2:20 am (3 years ago)

      Passionfruit kefir sounds amazing! After about five batches I had at least doubled them and had to start giving them away, but I think the Brisbane winter definitely is slowing them down to what they could be. I’ll be interested to see how they go in the sticky summer!


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