I’m a Nutella kid from way back.

When I was in Primary School, I would occasionally go to after school care if my parents were working late because it wouldn’t be safe for us to be at home by ourselves for extended periods of time.

Well, that was my version of the story because in reality, I have two older sisters, one four years older than me and she was perfectly capable of watching us for an hour after we hopped off the school bus.

I hated the bus.

As a six year old, it just wasn’t logical – it arrived 30 minutes after the bell had rung for the end of the day and it didn’t go en route to our house, instead weaving through pointless suburbs arriving at our destination an hour later. It was a waste of precious playing time that could be had if I was allowed to go to after school care and eat Nutella sandwiches, which we were never allowed at home.

As I get older and start to analyse the quirks I had as a child I really start to appreciate how patient my parents were. When I say I hated the bus, I’m talking full blow tearies every time it was mentioned as an acceptable transport route.

I probably made my mum feel incredibly guilty about jeopardising the safety of her children, when in the reality of six year old logic, I really just saw after school care as a happy place, where sweet dreams of Nutella sandwiches came true.

I look at the ingredients of Nutella now and cringe. The first two ingredients are sugar and vegetable oil, followed by all the things you associate with the spread, such as, um, hazelnuts. There’s no guessing why this treat didn’t regularly make it into our household.

When I was in Byron Bay last weekend, I had the most amazing raw ‘Nutella’ on sprouted bread topped with bananas at Naked Raw Treaties. I was inspired to rediscover my love for a healthier version of my childhood favourite and started searching through my I Quit Sugar book for a recipe to tweak.

I seemed to have grown up and no longer crave mine on Wonder White in little triangles, instead on whole wheat toast with strawberries, but whatever blows your hair back.

Adapted from I Quit Sugar’s ‘Sugar Free Nut–ella’
1 cup roasted hazelnuts
50ml of coconut milk
50ml rice malt syrup
1 tbsp coconut oil
¼ cup raw cacao
3 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon

Place nuts in food processor and grind until smooth, then add remaining ingredients and process until everything comes together.

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